Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fountainbleu State Park

A few months ago we biked the Tammany Trace from Lacombe to Fountainbleu State Park in Mandeville. The park was closed for nearly two years after Hurricane Katrina due to extensive damage.

The park itself looks great. There were hundreds, maybe thousands of trees lost in the storm, but the two years since the storm has allowed for underbrush to fill in and the regrowth of pole pines.

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Some new additions Post Katrina are the cabins that are on the lake which can be rented for $90/night.

This is where we will spend our summer vacation in a few weeks, thanks to the high price of gas.

There's also a fantastic pier that can be used for fishing,contemplation or just enjoy the breezes coming of the lake.

Notice the new pavillion to the left.

What was shocking was the amount of wetland loss. Unless visitors to the park take the hiking or biking trails, it's not evident. But if you walk the boardwalk that juts out into Lake Pontchartrain it's extremely obivious. Here are pictures of the same area taken in 2004 and then in 2008:





The park is full of wildlife, a rebuilt beach, a kiddies area with swings and jungle gyms and plenty of other places to enjoy a weekend day with family or friends.

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Howie Luvzus said...

Thanks for this. I'll try to get Homan's family to join us there!