Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Scuzzbucket of the Week

From One Big Dog dot net this man has an ego bigger than Rush Limbaugh. A lot of NOLA bloggers tried to set this mook straight, but he wouldn't budge. Just an idiot who hates New Orleans, I guess

Why No Katrina Stories From Iowa?
Posted at 14:06 by Big Dog in Political
There is terrible flooding in Cedar Rapids Iowa and Des Moines is under a voluntary evacuation order as rivers swell and rise to the tops of levees. Cedar Rapids is under water and 15 people have died as a result of the flooding. Of course this story has been in the news but I can’t help but wondering where all the network trailers are. I can’t help wondering where FEMA is and where are all the protesters demonstrating against perceived government inaction on this one?

Also, where are all the dead bodies floating around while hoodlums roam the streets shooting at people and looting stores?

What is it about this storm that is at least as bad, if not worse, than Katrina that has left us without stories of devastation caused by the government’s failure to swoop in and help people? Why don’t we have music stars on TV holding a telethon to raise money while they proclaim that George Bush hates white people?

Why is it that teen aged boys, members of the Boy Scouts, were able to respond immediately to render first aid to the injured and dig out those trapped in the rubble when adults in New Orleans seemed incapable of helping themselves?

Perhaps this goes back to the thoughts I had about dependence on government. Those in New Orleans have ridden the back of government programs for so long they did not know how to care for themselves. The leadership they needed from state and local politicians was non existent with the governor crying and the mayor lying in the fetal position sucking his thumb on the upper floors of a hotel. The people were ill prepared because their leadership was ill prepared.

Certainly there was blame at the federal level and things could have run more smoothly but there is no battalion of federal employees traipsing around Iowa and they seem to be surviving.

It all comes down to people taking responsibility for one’s own life and helping others in need.

My prayers are with those folks in Iowa affected by this terrible storm. Thanks goodness they had the ability to fend for themselves or the death toll could have been much higher.

Katrina was more than a rain overflowing levees, sir. Katrina was devastating.
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a few days later da big dog writes

felt sorry for the people when this happened but to tell the truth I am tired of hearing all the whining about it from those living there. They have enough time to type on their computers perhaps they should spend it working. I know 90% of the people got out and did what is right and it might seem unfair for me to paint with a broad brush based on the 10% who did not. However, a lot of people certainly painted the government with a broad brush based on the failure of about 10% of the people. No other state affected by Katrina is getting rebuilt any faster and I don’t hear them crying. I did not hear them then.

Here is my plan for New Orleans. Bulldoze the place in. Fill it wil concrete or dirt. It would be best if they dug a ditch across the southern border and pushed all the dirt into New Orleans and let the water back fill the ditch. Fill the ditch with alligators and that will keep the ILLEGAL immigrants down. Filling in New Orleans will keep it from getting flooded again. Then, they can build a city inland where it is above sea level.

Other than that, I don’t want to hear about all their problems. I did not cause them and about now I don’t care about them..

Well Mr. Big Dog, we really don't care about you either. Nah Nee Nah Nee Boo Boo!! Woof Woof.

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doctorj2u said...

The ignorance is truly amazing. I guess we should just leave these faux patriots to their judgement before their maker. It sure isn't going to be a pretty sight.

swampwoman said...

Another example of why south Louisiana should secede, shut down the mouth of the river and keep all our oil to ourselves - the rest of the country doesn't deserve anything we produce or conduit through the Mississippi.

I blame Dennis Hastert for spearheading the countrywide NOLA hatred - may he rot you know where...

K. said...

This is racist trash. We all know that and there's little anyone can do to change his mind. All we can do is our part to set the record straight. And to fight back. Heck, even Michael Chertoff says there's no comparison, the New Orleans was like a "nuclear blast."