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apparently the douchebags that "work" at the state capitol in Baton Rouge refuse to accept that fact that they are working FOR us.

It is time to vote these "good old boys and girls" out with finality. I am so very disappointed that Bobby Jindal apparently lacks the cojones to be a real leader.

Sure, the so called political pundits in the NOLA blogsphere have been trashing Jindal since he started running for office. I'm sure they're grinning big time now.
But now is NOT the time to sit back and feel good for the fact that your "predictions" have come true.

Louisiana voters, you are being screwed once again. It's time to oust these bastards, to let them know that things have changed. Katrina did NOT happen for no reason. Katrina happened to cause change, change for the good of this gret state.

In 2005 the state of Pennsylvania was in the same boat we are that we are at this very moment. From the much beloved wikipedia article:

Anger over the raise spawned several grass-roots movements, some geared toward voting out incumbents....and some seeking support for a Constitutional Convention or a reduction in the size of the legislature.

On November 16, 2005, Governor Rendell signed a repeal of the pay raise after a near unanimous vote for repeal; only House Minority Whip Mike Veon voted against the repeal.

Despite the repeal, a total of 17 legislators were defeated in the 2006 primary elections including Senate President Pro Tempore Robert Jubelirer and Senate Majority Leader David J. Brightbill. They were the first top-ranking Pennsylvania legislative leaders to lose a primary election since 1964.

The November 2006 General Election claimed several more members who supported the pay raise including Reps. Gene McGill, Mike Veon, Matt Wright, Tom Gannon and Matthew Good.[4] The defeats were widely attributed to anger over the pay raise.

It's time for people to stop chomping on their poboys and drinking their beers long enough for them to let these "lawmakers" know that we are mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore

From Cliff's Crib ...the sponsor of this bill is Senator Ann Duplessis. I heard her say on the radio today that the pay raise is needed because of all the time spent trying to open Charity Hospital and other hospitals around the city and in her district. Well, I live and drive through her district everyday. I have long given up on reading about plans for future development in the city. I judge everything by what I can see with my own two eyes because around here if you can’t see it then you can’t say it’s coming. With that in mind, I not only think Senator Duplessis shouldn’t get a pay raise. She should send everyone in her district a check for 500.00 with an apology for the lack of recovery.

Greg Peters puts his finger right on where our gov-nah is at .

It's important. Take action. Do it as a tribute to Ashley's life

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