Friday, May 30, 2008

Hurricane Season '08

There's some chatter in the NOLA blogsphere regarding the upcoming hurricane season, which runs from June 1 thru November 30th. It's interesting to read different perspectives and news items about this six month period that takes place in the heart of summertime in the Gulf Coast.

Our governor has had his crew put together a list of things that everyone should have on hand for an evacuation. here's the website . I just checked my little rubbermaid containter and have most of the stuff ready to go. I also put all of my important papers in a neat little box with handles to easily carry it. I certainly hope we won't have to evacuate, because that would entail getting five cats into five cat carriers. No easy task.

After living thru Katrina and all her wrath and dealing with the aftermath, I'm not complascent, but I'll think twice about leaving. I'm just wondering how many trees that were weakened by the storm will meet their demise this season.

I'm with Chris over at Prytania Waterline and probably won't leave unless there's a Cat 3 or higher headed toward us.

The ever-eloquent Mark Folse over at Toulouse Street reflects on the start of another hurricane season which ends with this quote which gives me goose pimples: One thousand days and counting: why do we stay, and why do more come home each day? They come and stay because it is home, and because in the civics class, film-strip America we were all raised to believe in the government does not tell you where to live. We will do it alone if we must, Sinn Fein. It may at times be bitter-bitter, but in the end it is our heart.

Tim of the nameless blog reflects on his feelings about his whole post Katrina experience and feelings. This post pulls at my heartstrings.

The Library Chronicles details the city of NOLA's plan to "get people out" in case a storm is headed this way as well. I can already see the chaos Nagin's "plan" will cause.

here's one of the better hurricane web pages for up-to-date information

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