Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sights from 2008 French Quarter Fest

Saturday was a picture perfect day. We got to the Quarter around eleven a.m. and ate our way to the U.S. Mint and back. Good people watching too. Here are the pix:
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Flour Power bakery's cakes were the last thing we ate that day. I think it put me over the top!!! Deliciously decadent.

Corky's BBQ Pork Sandwich was soooooooooooo good!

Ralph and Kacoo's jambalaya and exquisite bread pudding

Can't remember who did this fantastic meatball poboy.

The shrimp in this bbq shrimp poboy were a little too overcooked for us. But we ate it anyway!! Hope The Alibi gets it right next year .

The Mrs. Wheat Meat Pies were great, as usual.

We did Maspero's for a light lunch (heh, heh, as if we hadn't eaten enough). This is their seafood pistolette. Pretty good.

This Seafood Caprese Salad from Cafe Giovanni was quite yummy

Saw this cat-on-a-leash for the second year in a row.

In between eating we checked out all of the activity going on around the Quarter.
Here in the French Market area, which was set up with all kinds of activities for kids, we watched this Samba group perform. They were really great.

Just as we were passing by it, the steamboat Natchez blew its horns and almost blew out our eardrums!

The area in the front of St. Louis Cathedral was covered with artists and performers.

These 3 guys were fantastic "mimes". Of course mimes don't talk. These guys made small noises, but moved like animatrons.

Everywhere you turned there was music playing. It just don't get any better than FQ Fest for free entertainment!

Everytime I see a Lucky Dog vendor, I think of Ignatius J. Reilly.

This guy is a wee bit late for St. Paddy's day.

We love to people watch

The crowd was okay all day - up until about 4PM. That's when we decided to leave....too many people to allow one to move freely. We were full and tired by that time anyway.

All in all, another fantastic French Quarter Fest. Thanks to all who helped put this on!!

And remember................

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