Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Coastal Photography

Photographer Matthew White has put together a collection of photograpy of Louisiana

from his website:
This project documents the unique landscape of south and coastal Louisiana, the very existence of which has been threatened by environmental factors, federal indifference, and the hurricane season of 2005. Since the summer of 2000 Matthew White has been working on a project of photographing rural and/or coastal communities in southern Louisiana, shot alternately on 35mm black-and-white film, and in large-scale color. He has compiled a sizable collection of documentary-style, often contemplative photographs of most remote locations in all the southern parishes. Nearly all of these communities were completely destroyed by hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and face uncertain recovery; they may never be the same again, if they make it back at all. 

"The very existence of the Louisiana coast is at issue here, and I feel that I can do my part for its preservation not by depicting its withering away, but by showing  what is still beautiful about it; that it is, and always has been, one of the most unique and spellbinding landscapes in the nation. I try to convey a sense of you are here in my photos; if the viewer can for one second sense the peace, solitude, and wonder I feel standing in these landscapes, then there would be no question about whether or not Louisiana should be rebuilt."

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