Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dance Back From the Grave

Songwriter Marc Cohn has a new album out with some songs inspired by Katrina

Best known for his song "Walking in Memphis", Cohn draws inspiration from Katrina several times on "Join the Parade"

From his website, here are a few of the lyrics from "Dance Back...."

Well a thousand souls crossed over
and they were greeted by an all-star band
And while the saints go marching in
there’s still hell to pay back down in Dixie Land
Yeah the storms are headed south again
and the hour’s getting pretty late
Somebody better build that levee
its already Mardi Gras at heavens gate (yeah)

Here's a video of Marc performing "Dance Back from the Grave"

Love his voice.

The album cuts are listed here , as well as samples from each song


Ashley said...

This is way cool. Thanks.

doctorj2u said...

I have this CD and I can highly recommend it. "Dance Back from the Grave" is actually taken from a New York Times editorial written by Rick Bragg about NOLA. There is another New Orleans song "My Sanctuary" that I really like. Definitely a thumbs up. It is on I-tunes if you just want to download the NOLA songs but the whole album is very good.