Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Take Action, New Orleans residents!!!

via email from a coworker who lives in New Orleans East:

Dear Residents of Eastern New Orleans,

I am emailing you to inform you of a zoning docket that will be up
for public comment on October 9 at 1:30PM in the City Council
Chamber, in regards to a zoning change
from RD-2 (Residential Housing) and C-1 (Commercial District)
to LI (Light Industrial)in order to permit a trailer park at
9901 Chef Menteur Highway (Chef and Read).

This zoning change will hinder our efforts to revitalize the
Chef Menteur corridor to be a vibrant gateway into
Eastern New Orleans by placing a trailer park in a vital area
of development. The businesses this proposed site such as
Crystal Palace, Winn Dixie have and will return to better
than what they were before the storm adding to the charm of
Eastern New Orleans.

Chef Menteur Highway also serves as one of the routes to the
Plaza and a trailer park would be nothing but an eyesore.
Furthermore we want to make sure that there is quality safe
housing available for residents of Eastern New Orleans not
temporary housing. This zoning proposal comes at a time when
our communities have returned, rebuilt our homes, have brought
a wealth of businesses back to Eastern New Orleans, and have
committed to rebuilding a stronger, safer, and more economically
vibrant neighborhood.

I am urging each of you and your members to oppose this request
by writing a letter of opposition and attend the City Planning
Commission Public Hearing on October 9 at 1:30pm to
express your concerns.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you for your help.

Mai Thuy Tran Dang
Community Organizer
504.255.9170 office
504.344.7806 cell
504.255.9001 fax

express your concerns to:

Cynthia Wilaard-Lewis:cwlewis@cityofno.com
The City Council also has oversight in regards to zoning changes.

Ms. Leslie Alley
Assistant Director
City Planning Commission of New Orleans
email : ltalley@cityofno.com
1300 Perdido Street
Room 9W03
New Orleans, LA 70112


Ms. Yolanda Rodriguez
Executive Director
City Planning Commission of New Orleans
email : ywrodriguez@cityofno.com
1300 Perdido Street
Room 9W03
New Orleans, LA 70112

click here for a form letter



barbawit said...

Is this part of Blakely's revival plan? Who is pushing for this zonoing change?

judyb said...

I've emailed Mai with your questions. In the meantime, here's info gleaned from a NO East resident who's back living there

"No it’s not a part of Blakely’s plan.

I heard that the owner of this property owns the ACE hardware across the street.

He just wants to make easy money I guess.

I heard also that he tried this once before and Cynthia Willard-Lewis defused it.

This is his second attempt.

judyb said...

update October 10th. The panel has rejected the trailer park.

ashley said...

Hey, it worked!

judyb said...

Trailer park followup at nola dot com:

A plan to set up a trailer park in eastern New Orleans was rejected unanimously by the City Planning Commission on Tuesday after a diverse group of neighborhood residents -- and two state legislators -- urged the board not allow a Metairie resident to erect the 5-acre park on Chef Menteur Highway near Read Boulevard
The request for a zoning change now will advance to the City Council with the board's recommendation to deny the request.
Way to go!

pathrecords said...

The dude is totally right, and there is no suspicion.