Sunday, October 07, 2007


Multi-faceted artist and Slidell native Phil Galatas has created a beautiful poster detailing the area's recovery from Katrina.

From his biography, written by Bernadette Duet, we find his inspiration for this poster

He saw a shadow of a noble, majestic, fleur de lis rising from the calm waters of
Pontchartrain surrounded by the glorious, vibrant hues of a Louisiana sunset. In contrast, he poised another shadow of a fleur de lis in the murky waters below, giving it an ominous edge – a subtle reminder of the ravage of Hurricane Katrina

This painting, sure to touch the hearts of many, shares a little piece of each of us who were affected by the hurricane. It is a prominent symbol of hope in desperate times. It is an affirmation that, amidst the trials and the tears, we will survive and truly resurrect our hearts, our minds, and the spirit of the land we know so well, our beloved Louisiana.

The poster will be used as the label for a merlot that will be available on October 16th at the Wine Market in Slidell.
What the above picture doesn't show is some of the beautiful detail that Mr. Galatas has included in the iris itself. What appears to be an orange top of the flower is actually a live oak tree, representing the oaks that survived Katrina's carnage. Word is that another "Resurrection" poster will soon be available for the label of a white wine and the live oak will be a cypress, representing all of the cypress trees that withstood Katrina's onslaught. I have purchased a poster and can tell you that the picture above doesn't do the real thing justice.
The poster is currently for sale and can be purchased by contacting Donna Penny at It's available as a poster, a signed poster or a signed and numbered print.


ilovenola said...

That picture is absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to get a poster and a bottle of wine with that image on it. I love it.

sherrij said...

We received the signed poster as a Christmas gift from our daughter in law - she said it reminded her of our help to her during Katrina. It is beautifully framed and hung in our home for all to see. said...

Thanks so much for the article, pretty useful data.