Monday, October 22, 2007

A Pair of Scuzzbuckets

Scuzzbuckets of the week
Racist bloggers
Narrowminded, racist bloggers


--mf said...


I do wonder at the prospect of being called a racist. I've never been called a racist in my entire life. I have poured my life's energy, and countless thousands of dollars into fighting racism, I assure you that that tag cannot be further misplaced.

Clearly, in my post which you cited, what I was using in my writing is a literary tool, called "Lampoon," (see: National Lampoon, The Onion, Jesus' General, Betty Bowers, and Landover Baptist Church for examples) wherein, I was projecting, or channeling the mindset of the Republican Party Leadership-- I was in absolutely no way condoning, or personally expressing my views, which are 100% the opposite of the words written. In today's blog-world, it is called "snark."

If you are implying that I was attacking Governor Elect Bobby Jindal for his Indian-American Immigrant background, I assure you that that was not my intent. THAT is a wondrous, and Modern-Day American Dream story, for which, he and his entire family should be proud. My focus is, was, and always be on the Republican Party's, and this Administration's politicization of the Katrina Tragedy to their own ends-- which DO happen to be racist in practice.

If you scroll through my blog's archives in a "Katrina" search, you will understand how desperately I want the Gulf Coast rebuilt-- especially New Orleans. I want the displaced and the homeless returned, and the full and beautiful culture of New Orleans restored. Search my blog for "Miracle" in the past three weeks, and have a look at what I support. Here:

In the months following the Katrina Hurricane, in my apartment north of Memphis, I personally housed, fed, and clothed dozens of victims-- individuals and families of all colors and creeds, passing through, lost, no money-- they just needed some shelter, sanity, food, clothes and care-- and the chance to be in one place long enough to make plans, get assistance, and get their lives back together. I gave them keys to the place, and went to work every day. Some days, I'd take off to drive folks in to Memphis, to the Federal Building, and I'd help them get through all the many Agencies and Offices requirements. When some racists at my workplace started circulating their terrible post-Katrina propaganda, I wrote to the Front Office, had it stopped, and helped organize a racism-awareness training seminar at work. Narrowminded? huh? Ma'am, I do very visible, National-Level Diversity-Oriented Public Artwork for the organization I work for. I support, very closely, our EEO leadership. You've read and interpreted my words 180-degrees wrong.

In the post to which you refer, I am asserting, as I always have, that this Administration's failure to rebuild NOLA, is a feature, not a bug in their policy, and that it is criminally, and inhumanely aimed toward this particular end-- full and total Republican Leadership of Louisiana.

The people of New Orleans, have traditionally, and overwhelmingly voted for Democratic leaders. The Republican Machine saw an opportunity to capture the state, through "Shock Doctrine" politics, and are withholding competent rebuilding, and RETURN HOME leadership until they either gain political control, or are driven out of the Executive Branch, whichever comes first. Was it ever any wonder why the President first named Karl Rove to oversee the Rebuilding effort? It's despicable.

Ma'am, if calling out deplorable practices of political parties is is now called racism, if calling out racist policies is now called racism, well, I guess, then, that I am guilty. But, I've tons of lifelong friends of all colors, and creeds and sexuality that would absolutely laugh in your face were you to ask them if I were a racist, or to accuse me of racism. I do believe that every word on my blog would attest to that fact. I'm a member of ACLU, NAACP, and the Southern Poverty Law Center, I support Human Rights Watch, and the Urban League. I confront and ridicule racists openly, often at personal physical risk.

I may be a scuzzbucket to some, but a racist-- never.

I can understand where my words could be misconstrued. I'll forgive an honest mistake. I assure you, I'm only white by melanin deficiency default. My every published word attests to my contempt for what passes for the height of the White Man's Civilization. My blog is devoted, in part, to making preparations for its collapse. My posts are geared toward all-inclusive community building. I invite you to please read more of my blog, and you will clearly understand how I feel about race, community, and need for unity. A Massive paradigm shift is required.

Just to be absolutely clear.

Sincerely and respectfully yours,


judyb said...

Sorry, --mf, but when I read this opening line of your post

"Get those brown Democratic voters out of New Orleans, and surprize! a Republican Governor."

I jumped to conclusions.