Tuesday, October 23, 2007


A lot of "doom and gloom" around the NOLA political blogsphere this week.A lot of folks are extremely upset that Bobby Jindal won. Because he acts like a politician.

Guess what? He IS a politician!!!! Nice clean people do not win elections in the real world.I am not happy with his lack of voting during the last 6 or so months. If he had intended on not showing up for votes, he should've resigned. He should do the right thing and give up is seat now and concentrate on the job ahead.

Some have accepted it, like adults
and realists

The following are politicians, too. And they lost.

Phil Donahue's brother. I come from a long line of hard drinkers and THIS guy looks like he enjoys his booze.

Self made millionaire from the parish. I couldn't vote for someone who did that horrible Tide commercial. It made me puke.

Yuppie weirdo with an ego problem

from Gambit The owner of a cigarette and video poker distribution company as well as several other businesses, Georges, 47, didn't shy away from his ties to the gaming industry. In fact, 'shy" is not a word that should be associated in any way with the name of John Georges. As Gambit contributor Jeremy Alford noted in a recent profile of Georges, the 'enigmatic" millionaire 'ponders aloud, wrapping his mind around his favorite subject: himself."

Yeah, I'd like to look at that self centered puss for four years. NOT!

The way I see it, Jindal's in there for four years. I hope that he adopts some of the good ideas from his opponents and runs with them. I hope that he can work with the lawmakers of this state and work for the good of Louisiana. Just like Nagin's re-election, he's there. Life's too short to get all bent out of shape over it.

Just my opinion. We made it thru Katrina together, we need to get thru this together

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