Monday, July 02, 2007

The East again

Moving Back to New Orleans East
From the Neighborhoods Partnership Network website, the story of
the slow process of recovery in New Orleans East Post Katrina.
With the help of the The Mennonite Disaster Relief Project
the Haynes are rebuilding their flood damaged home while living in a FEMA trailer across town.

" After a disaster as widespread as this, even the smallest signs of recapturing the old neighborhood bring joy. “When I first saw this gas station though, and red lights out here,” Beatrice recalls energetically, her voice rising in pitch and volume, “I must have screamed and hollered like I was at a football game…And my sister [on the phone], she’s like ‘Oh my god, calm down,’ and I was like ‘We’ve got a gas station open on Bullard! YES! YES! YES! And a red light! AHH!’”


Until you've been through the aftermath of something as destructive as
Katrina was, you can't understand how exciting regaining something as
innocuous as working traffic lights can be.

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