Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"The drugs got boys dropping like flies."

TP story about the runaway-train crime spree happening in New Orleans
Some quotes from the story:

I'm just praying it's not me next time the bullets fly
I ain't never seen anything like it……….The drugs got boys dropping like flies.
People buy their drugs on this side, run back to their side. But we get all the problems that come with it.

A wooden sign hanging from the service station roofs warns: "No Loitering, No Crack Selling, No Cat Selling," a reference to prostitution, said proprietor Joe Peters

Here's another story in today's paper about the killing of a 14 year old kid who was in the wrong place at the wrong time:

Jazman had to see something he wasn't supposed to see…..That's the only thing that makes sense

What is it going to take to stop this craziness?

From Metroblogging
a resident in the Quarter talks of trying to help a homeless derelict in his neighborhood and how difficult it is to get
any kind of help .

We're living in an asylum.

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