Monday, January 22, 2007

What a season

From other bloggers, here's a compilation of what the Saints 2006-07 season did for this area:

From Ray in New Orleans
a message to the "Who Dat Nation".
There is a magic that imbues to the perpetual underdog that is unavailable to the routine winner. We, the City, will never be declared the winner...there's really no such thing…...

No pickles dot net proclaims
We are proud of our Saints We are proud to have hosted 9 home games instead of on the road for 16. We are proud that the work ethic that brought our team into the national spotlight is something our political and business leaders can choose to emulate if they want our state to rebound. We are proud to be Louisiana natives, New Orleans citizens, and Saints fans. Our heads are held high.

From Schroeder
" Just as Sean Payton groomed his team to eliminate prima donnas, New Orleanians are organizing themselves with the support of fellow Americans around the country, and we’ve begun to operate as a team.

Sure, the Saints lost the NFC championship, but by playing as a team, they helped to win back New Orleans — an achievement far more worthy of our gratitude

From Cliff's Crib I can't be more prouder of my team. It's much better to be playing in January for something meaningful than to watch your team get embarrassed during the year and never get this chance.

Ernie chimes in You played a great game, and you had a great season. You give us hope, and you have shown us what excellence and commitment can do. We're proud to have you represent us, and we can't wait to cheer for you again. You guys are the best!

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