Sunday, January 21, 2007

Thank You Saints!

I could watch this video forever. The feeling evoked this night - Sept 25th 2006 - was electric. After everything we'd been through, the elation was spontaneous; just as it is today, four months later.

Brian Bordelon at No Pickles explains what all of this "hoopla" is about to Saints fans .
The success of the Saints is not merely a feel-good story for us. It is the realistic possibility that some part of us can overcome the odds and succeed after the storm. It is a celebration the entire state is long overdue for. Every year we lose people, industry, coastline, all sorts of tangible positives that could help us become bigger and better. Thanks for putting it into words. Brian.

Thanks for the wonderful season. Next year will be one game longer!!!

Bless you boys!

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dillyberto said...

You've got it right, sistah