Friday, January 05, 2007

Tragic Crime Wave

Too many good people are getting taken away in New Orleans horrific crime problem.

Blues notes '07 tells about the cause of the murder of

the founder of the "Hot 8 Brass Band", Dinerral Shavers.

b.rox discusses what he pens "a horrible tragedy" in the murder of Helen Hill in her own home on Rampart Street

NOLANik has created a site where Helen Hill's friends are collecting memories of Helen here.
She must've been a very special lady. Prayers for her loved ones' strength are going out.
Here is another moving tribute to Helen.

The Chicory calls for Warren Riley's resignation
. I'd say it's a good start.

PaulP posts at Metroblogging about seven days, twelve murders
He shares my
feelings about how bad things are in NOLA, crime-wise.
Yep, it's pretty bad when third world countries are laughing at you.

The WaPo reports on - as of yesterday - 5 shooting deaths in 14 hours
Since New Year's Day, when the police chief declared New Orleans' murder rate under control, the city has logged six homicides, including five shooting deaths in a 14-hour span.

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