Friday, January 05, 2007

Change MUST take place

While young kids run wildly around the city, shooting up anything in their way for money or whatever it is that is special to them, New Orleans natives are questioning their choice to stay in the city.

Read what natives are saying

Loki wonders about staying in light of this crime spree. While our "Mayor" and "Police Chief" remain conspicuously absent from view, popping up only occasionally to mouth platitudes before sinking from sight, the death toll rises. It now includes people we know personally. Local filmmaker Helen Hill was murdered in her own home at 5:30am, her husband, Doctor Paul Gailiunas was wounded but survived as did their 2 year old son.

rethinks the hope
that many, many people had in the immediate aftermath of the storm. As long as there are people with guns who think that life, including their own, is cheap, blood will stain the streets of New Orleans.

Editor B, friend of Helen & Paul mourns his loss. But I believe that Helen would have wanted us to keep fighting for justice and a better city. If you are reading this in New Orleans, and you’re not actively involved in working for the future of this city, I challenge you to get involved, now. We are, quite literally, fighting for our lives.

Stuck_on_stupid Ray Nagin penned an editorial in yesterday's paper. Talk about Pollyana!
Even though we continue to face challenges, the city is getting its house in order, so that our citizens can come home to a safer, smarter, stronger city.

Warren Riley....what can I say? He is too busy dealing with Endymion logistics instead of crime NOPD Superintendent Warren Riley would be wise to strike a similarly cautious note when it comes to 2006 crime statistics. Superintendent Riley called the murder tally of 161 the lowest in 30 years, setting the figure against the backdrop of a rebounding population and officer shortage.

The there's Eddie Jordan. What's he been doing, hanging out with Ray?

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