Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Lead or get out of the way, Ray

I'm pissed (like everyone else in this area). I'm angry because of how I felt yesterday when
my 18 year old daughter told me she was going to New Orleans today to visit a school of
cooking (she's getting a culinary degree at NSU in Thibodaux). I was scared. My stomach
started fluttering all over the place. She thought I was being over protective and perhaps I was.
But with the senseless murders going on 30 miles south of our home, I didn't want to take the
chance of losing my only child to the cold hearted thugs running around New Orleans.
I let her go despite my feelings and she's back home safely.
I'm pissed because I felt that way. It's a feeling of helplessness.

Jarvis DeBerry
wrote a piece that describes the way I feel
. New Orleans is still in a state of storm-induced desolation and darkness. Those two characteristics alone are enough to give one the heebie-jeebies. But throw in the idea of murderers running amok and a Police Department that has yet to announce a plan of action, and what would otherwise be a run-of-the-mill stop for gas is dreaded.

Readers from around the country are voicing their opinions on the run away crime rate in New Orleans.

One in particular cites what I believe is one of the biggest causes of this atrocity

Call it profiling, targeting or Fido. The name doesn't matter. Unless the police and judicial system takes extremely agressive action against the group predominantly responsible for the assaults and killings in the next thirty days, you're not going to get a chance to hold hands, sing Kumbaya and have a bake sale to teach little Johnnie to read.
Specifically, this means random frisking by the police of young black males who dress and behave like thugs for weapons. Stopping vehicles driven by young black males who dress and behave like thugs for weapons searches. Generally putting young black males who dress and behave like thugs under a security microscope.
Sorry about that, young black males who dress and behave like thugs - but if Scandinavian grannies who dressed and behaved like Conquistadores were committing these crimes, I'd suggest going after them. To papaphrase Dave Chappelle: "If I were to wear a police uniform for fun, you'd probably come to me for help in the street - but if you dress like a whore it's ok for you to get mad at me for thinking you're a whore?"

On the idea of a curfew police said the recent killings were brazen acts, often happening in broad daylight and, in one case, within a block of police officers. No witnesses have yet come forward, and police begged them to do so. Officers say they believe many of the killings were retaliatory and committed by people with violent pasts, but they refused to go into further detail

Where oh where are the black leaders when the young people so desperately need their guidance?
Al Sharpton's thinking of running for president "
Jesse Jackson's busy at the 10th Annual Wall Street Economic Summit and Conference.
Or are those two only interested when some "redneck" sheriff from St. Tammany parish profiles people based on clues from a crime????
Where is Andrew Young, who was born in NOLA?
Where's Angela Davis?
Where are the rap stars these little thugs idolize?
Making sleazy videos for MTV, building outrageous "cribs"?
Where's the president of the NAACP? I don't
believe he thinks what's happening down here is "advancement" for these youths.

Where the HELL is the freaking ACLU? Don't care what color it is, but there
are SERIOUS civil rights violations going on down here. Or is it that murder isn't considered a violation of one's civil rights?

It's time to throw away the "political correctness" bullshit that so many people subscribe to. It's time to demand that
people who were allegedly elected to office perform the duties they swore to. It's time for these little bastards that are
heartlessly killing people, tearing apart families, ruining lives to pay for their crimes. They don't need juvenile detention
centers. Send the little shits to Angola for a month.

This area has been thru hell and back and it's time for the healing to take place. The good people of New Orleans - the ones
who made the decision to stay here and rebuild their homes and their lives - deserve it.

Craig G. over at metroblogging
details the angry/hopeful/helplessness feelings running rampant in the city

People are scared. Listening to a call-in radio program I hear a lady who has trouble sleeping now. She said she cries
all the time. She's frightened for her children.

These bastards are holding the city hostage. It's time to do something, RayRay. Lead or get the fuck out of the way, you son of a bitch.

New Orleans Crime Times dot com.
bookmark it.

Murder and the City that Care Forget

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Carl said...

New Orleans had the chance to get rid of incompetent mayor Ray Nagin but the majority chose to re-elect him instead. Therefore, unless there's a recall procedure that enough people would be willing to implement, New Orleans is stuck with him. Personally, I remember similar times in the 70's with corrupt NOPD cops dealing drugs on the side, taking bribes for protection, doing murder-for-hire deals. At some point it got bad enough for city government to clean house and it worked well for a time. I think it's time once again for a major house cleaning but unfortunately with all the mess and devastation still in evidence all along the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Mississippi, it's hard to get qualified cops hired. I miss visiting N.O. (I used to live over in Mississippi and my parents would take us on many weekend mini-vacations) but I still have many relatives, friends and aquaintances living and working in and near the city. So in a small way, I still feel connected.

At least I'm going to be wearing my Saints jersey Saturday night watching the team beat (hopefully) the Eagles. I can't cheer them on in person in the dome but I can cheer them from afar in Florida.