Tuesday, January 09, 2007


A "stop the violence" march is slated for January 11th in NOLA.
Unless you've been in a cave, you know what it's all about.
if you have been in a cave,
Peter explains the reason for the march here.
Good reading.

If you can't march, you can do your part by emailing the "powers that be"
who really should the "the powers that WERE".
Celcus has posted the following:
The march is set, and the momentum is building; it looks like it will be a big one. If you can I urge you to participate in whatever way you can. If you cannot march, plaster the appropriate officials with emails, letters, and phone calls. Here are a few contacts.

Ray.Nagin@mayorofno.com - email for Mayor Nagin

wriley@cityofno.com - email for Chief Warren Riley

ldupre@cityofno.com - Leatrice Dupre' is the Public Information Director for Orleans Parish District Attorney Eddy Jordan's Office

http://www.neworleanscitycouncil.com/contact.asp City Council Members email addresses can be found here. Remember to email the at-large members as well as the Council person for your district.

judges@criminalcourt.org is a group email address for the Criminal Court judges.

Chris Rose writes
We are a community held hostage by our teenagers. What the hurricane couldn't do, what the flood couldn't do, what political chicanery and incompetence could not do, a random and soulless group of children can do.

They are children of violence, not nearly as smart or as rich as anyone else in town but I ask you: What good is your Lexus and your Tulane MBA when your time comes to go face to face with a child of New Orleans armed with nothing more than a Glock and no fear of prison or death?

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