Thursday, December 14, 2006

Take that, Biatch!

KBB thought she would be wonderwoman by calling the special legislative session two weeks before Christmas and play Santa Claus, giving money to everybody so people would remember come election day what a bright, generous leader she was. WRONG!

from today's TP

The House of Representatives struck a crippling blow Wednesday to Gov. Kathleen Blanco's bid for public employee pay raises, road construction dollars and other new spending, refusing for the third straight day to raise a constitutional cap on state spending.

I'd like to thank all of those people who refused to allow the raising of the state spending cap. This lady STILL has no idea how to be an effective leader.
more from the TP
While Blanco had proposed a multitude of tax credits for individuals and companies, only one major change appears destined to become law: House Bill 59 by Rep. Yvonne Dorsey, D-Baton Rouge, which provides the child tax credits at an annual cost to the state treasury of $73 million.

So far in this special session the house okayed tax credits meant to give relief to all homeowners who are paying a 15 percent to 18 percent assessment to keep the Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corp. solvent for claims received after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. "This is a refund tax credit" instead of a cash rebate, Rep. Taylor Townsend, D-Natchitoches(author of the bill) told the House. "The individual has to make the payment first" before a tax credit can be taken. "This says everyone assessed will be able to get the credit," Townsend said.

Like a woman caught at a clearance sale, Mizz Blanco's eyes are ablaze with all of that lovely state revenue, which is actually a result of insurance payments as a result of Katrina and Rita. KBB wanted to give teachers a measly $1500/year raise (that comes out to $28 a week). Wow.

House unanimously approved HB52 for a $300 million incentive to help bring durable goods manufacturer to Louisiana

Today's session's schedule is as follows:


HB35 TOWNSEND TAX/SALES USE - Provides relative to the sales and use tax exemption for utilities purchased by steelworks, blast furnaces, coke ovens, and rolling mills (Item #21)
HB59 DORSEY TAX/INCOME-CREDIT Provides for a child tax credit (Item #12)
HB120 TOWNSEND TAX/INCOME-CREDIT Authorizes a state tax credit to "offset" assessments levied by La. Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (Item #1)

One more thing, Kathleen. Ditch that gigantic fleur de lis you're wearing on your shoulder, put some of your money into local jeweler Mignon and get something more tasteful.


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E.J. said...

Right on, judyb! What the hell was she thinking? For once, I'm proud of our legislature.

dloye said...

Well, enjoy the moment e.j. We all know it won't last. What the hell are the voters of Louisiana thinking? They've returned at least two widely publicized, certified incompetents to office this last year. Jefferson is enough to make me wretch. ... Glad to find the blog by the way. Now back to work.