Friday, December 15, 2006


We're in fwinter right now. Most places have fall then winter. Here we get a combination of both. I know I'm not alone when I notice that the changing of the leaves on the trees seems to be much brighter this year. Don't know what causes this to happen, but I'm glad it does. Here are some trees across from the Northshore Square Mall. click on images for full-size versions

Typical of SE Louisiana fwinter, it's been foggy all week. Today seems to have the heaviest fog all week. Glad I don't have to commute. Took a ride down to Bayou Liberty to see how the fog looked there

I noticed that sounds are more intense during times of heavy fog, similar to when it snows up north. Kinda neat.

Update 12/17/06
Went by the mall today and all of the trees pictured above are NEKKID!
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