Sunday, November 19, 2006

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New Orleans is not optional for the United States' commercial infrastructure. It is a terrible place for a city to be located, but exactly the place where a city must exist. With that as a given, a city will return there because the alternatives are too devastating. Taken from an article written in September 2005 from the stratfor dot com website

and it is in response to these posts

Should New Orleans be rebuilt?
Don't Refloat
Cities aren't forever
"To rebuild New Orleans the way it was last Saturday is not just a waste of money, it's unethical," said Dave Schultz, Northwestern Univ. Infrastructure Inst

Okay, searching for articles with similar to the above links is getting me angry again. The naysayers have no idea just how devastating their words are to people in the city of New Orleans. Yes, the city has its ugly side, just as all cities world wide do. And everyone has opinions on what should be done to/for New Orleans.
the NYT
If the rest of the nation has decided it is too expensive to give the people of New Orleans a chance at renewal, we have to tell them so. We must tell them we spent our rainy-day fund on a costly stalemate in Iraq, that we gave it away in tax cuts for wealthy families and shareholders. We must tell them America is too broke and too weak to rebuild one of its great cities.

Our nation would then look like a feeble giant indeed. But whether we admit it or not, this is our choice to make. We decide whether New Orleans lives or dies.

It's the truth, folks.

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Varg said...

Via one of your links...

"Tourism is pretty much the only industry."

I love it when people say this. I actually hear it alot and it outs them as being a poor thinker. They forget about the port altogether. The very reason the city is here in the first place. (sigh)

I found so many retorts to just the first link that I had to stop myself before I got all worked up. :)