Friday, November 17, 2006

Healthcare Needed

New Orleans is having a healthcare crisis. There are not enough qualified medical people in the city where too much has been going on for the last 15 months.

it affects elderly people

trauma centers are few and far between

The NYT wrote about this problem almost a year ago

The psychological pain is glaringly obvious

Where the rest of the country think we should "be over Katrina by now", the real
truth is spoken in this article. Here's an excerpt:
We are at the mercy of a sort of disturbance in the force, and we’ve been there for so long, we’re accustomed to it. New Orleans was never like the rest of America, which is easy to forget, but now, especially after a year, there seems to be a tendency to accept madness as norm, fragments as wholes.

Attending to Sick Children Along a Gulf Coast Still in Tatters

In this time of giving thanks, the people in the city of New Orleans are still praying that someday they may be able to give thanks for decent medical care.

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