Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Alan Richman is still a dick

Robert Peyton at the website appetites recently did an email interview with former scuzzbucket of the week Alan Richman.

The entire intereview is at this link Below is something
that jumped out at me. It wouldn't surprise me if this old fart was serious here

Robert Peyton:
Have you ever made a roux, or seen one made? Do you understand that the color in gumbo – the brown or in some cases dark brown – color comes from flour cooking in oil? Do you know of a way to achieve that color without
also producing the characteristic aroma and flavor of a roux?

Alan Richman:
This is absolutely not a commentary on the gumbo at Herbsaint, but it is a commentary on some New Orleans cooking, Yes, I do know an alternative way to achieve such a color. It’s called Kitchen Bouquet.

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