Friday, October 27, 2006

The Corps don't get it

Though it is well over a year since Katrina made landfall in Mississippi, the Army Corps of Engineers still has not learned how important wetlands are for flood protection. The Corps is currently proposing to gut the rules that protect wetlands in coastal Mississippi. Under a new proposal, any development that destroys up to five acres of wetlands (almost 5 football fields!) would be exempt from the regulations that apply everywhere else in the country.

Destroying wetlands will only put coastal communities at greater risk for future flooding. Ironically, this proposal is being made in the name of hurricane rebuilding. Irresponsible developers, with help from the Corps, are hoping that nobody will notice as they rush to pave sensitive wetlands in the aftermath of Katrina. Luckily, we have citizens like you who are paying attention.

Help stop this disastrous proposal by taking action now. Communities working to recover from Katrina should not have to fight for their safety.

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oyster said...

Agreed. We must keep the pressure on about wetlands preservation and restoration.

I've read that South Louisiana is the fastest disappearing land mass in the world.