Thursday, September 07, 2006

Welcome back, Cap!!

Hubby and I went to eat at the newly reopened Captain Humble's restaurant last night.

It was very good. The restaurant has opened in a new location, just down the street from the old one. Unfortunately, Katrina ripped the roof off of the old building and ruined all of Cap's pictures from when he was a DJ at WRNO back in the 80's.

If you want generous poboys, come to Cap's. It's a small, nicely decorated restaurant in a convenient location. The food is delicious. If you're a fan of a big, fat, sloppy award winning roast beef poboy, check out Cap's.

To get your sandwiches to go, call 985-649-7801

While we were there, Cap was saying he wanted to open for Selene. Not knowing
much about mythology, I assumed he was talking about a Mardi Gras parade and thought (he's either early or late!). Didn't get it until I visited TravelingMermaid's blog today. Thanks for clearing that up, TM!!!

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phillip rauls said...

Hi Judy,
Here's a comment of a fan of big, fat, sloppy award winning roast beef poboys but unfortunately I'm stuck here in the Pacific Northwest with over-priced Latte's and left-over Grunge.
Hey, I got your email about some photo's so please tell Humble there's help on the way.