Wednesday, September 06, 2006

So we're boring

I'm having a difficult time in understanding what it is that some New Orleanians
don't like about the denizens north of Lake Ponchartrain.

Here's an example. Be sure to check out the comments.

Granted, we didn't receive the devastation the NOLA did from Katrina. Is that it?
Or is it that we're just downright boring? Is that a legitimate reason to
dislike us? Why the need to derogate us? Does our being boring offend them in some way?

Are they angry because the government failed them in so many ways? Well move over, kids,
you ain't alone.

80% of the homes were damaged by Katrina in the city of Slidell.

Here's more on what we've been through
and where we are going.

I don't want to get into a pissing contest over who's suffered the most.
It doesn't matter.
What DOES matter is that we all SURVIVED Katrina.
Both southshore and northshore.
Like it or not, we're in this together.

We're both fighting insurance companies, power companies, contractors.
We're both trying to pick up the pieces and restart our lives.
We're both experiencing a rise in crime since Katrina.
We'll ALL have the horrendous memories of that storm for the rest of our lives.

People who live north of Lake Pontchartrain do so for their own reasons and needs,
just as people who live in "the city". Why is it so difficult for some to accept?

We're in this together, let's quit this infighting and get on with the battle.

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