Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sept 30 Elections

We will be asked to vote on thirteen (13) constitutional amendments in two weeks on September 30th. And additional eight amendments will be on the November 7th election.

You can read these amendments at this website.

WWL had political pollster Bernie Pinsonat on to discuss three of the 13:

Here are Mr. Pinsonet's opinions:

Amendment Four

Limits the amount that juries can award to a property owner should private property be siezed by the government for damage mitigation. This amendment is considered pro government.

Amendment Five

Property cannot be taken by the state except for public purposes (a general public right to definite use of the property). It also provides provide exceptions use of the property and that just compensation to be paid to the owner of the expropriated property.(pro landowner)

Amendment Six

Prohibits the transfer of property expropriated by the state to any person without first offering the property to the original owner; to provide that unused expropriated property be declared surplus property to be first offered to the original owner prior to sale to the general public by competitive bid.

the Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana (PAR) details all amendments in great detail.
Go to PAR website to review and make your intelligent decision at this website.


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