Thursday, September 14, 2006

Scuzzbucket of the week

Actually, this guy is sadder than a scuzzbucket. Maybe he was just hungry.
I needed the laugh.

A one-legged shoplifter was arrested days after allegedly taking a rack of beef ribs, police said Wednesday.

story here

According to Lt. Todd Duplantis, a Houma Police spokesman, officers were called to the Rouses Grocery Store on St. Charles Street in reference to a shoplifter on Saturday, September 9. The store manager told them a one-legged man on a scooter picked up a 14-pound pack of ribs and left the store without paying for them.

The manager said he chased the man down and got the ribs back outside the store, Duplantis said. Police patrolled the area but could not find the suspect.

On Wednesday, police, acting on several tips, apprehended 48-year-old Darryl Chauvin and charged him with theft of goods, Duplantis said. Investigators also discovered that Chauvin had seven outstanding warrants against him for writing bad checks. He was also charged for those warrants.

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