Sunday, September 17, 2006

Fort Pike & Lake Catherine

Got up early and drove down Hwy 434 to Hwy 90.
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Crossed the old Rigolets bridge into New Orleans. On the Orleans side of the bridge is a very
old, very damaged Fort Pike.

Built in the late 1820's, Fort Pike was used to defend Rigolets Pass, approach through Lake Pontchartrain to New Orleans and named after Brigadier General Zebulon Montgomery Pike. Up until Katrina,
Fort Pike
was a great, live piece of history.

After the mosquito's got to be too much, I decided to drive thru the small community of Lake Catherine, Louisiana.

I was curious to see any new developments since my last journey to Lake Catherine about a month ago A lot of debris has been cleared and the road looked pretty clean.

The Marina was open. Any and all entrances to Lakes Pontchartrain and Borgne were packed with pickup trucks pulling trailers. Must be some good fishing out there.

Doesn't look like much is going on at the Community Center

On the way home, I noticed 5 pelicans flying toward Lake Borgne

but I only managed to snap a picture of the straggler.

One positive note: work on the new Rigolets bridge is progressing nicely.

More photos can be seen at this website.

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