Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lake Catherine

Took a ride down Highway 90 this morning and discovered that the Chef Pass bridge has finally re-opened....50 weeks Post Katrina.

Curious to see how Lake Catherine -

a community that lives on the penninsula of land between Lakes Pontchartrain and Lake Borgne-made out, I took a ride.

Of course, I knew already how they made out, as I haven't seen any lights from that end of the lake on my daily commute since the storm.

The place looks like a bomb went off. This area was in the middle of Katrina's Eyewall. With the exception of a few homes in the process of rebuilding, the place is quiet. Sadly devoid of humans. Plenty of dragon flies and birds, though.

Most places look like this.

Many that made it throught the storm look like this.

Some places are rebuilding.

These two behemoths sit in front of the Textron Marine facility.

More photos at
this website,
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and this site.
The last site is solely devoted to the Bayou Liberty area in Slidell.


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