Monday, August 07, 2006


We've been caught up with Katrina-related things for the last 350 plus days. It consumes us, it's there all the time.

Prior to the storm, I was in contact with our troops stationed across the war zones, sending postcards, letters of support and care packages. There are some kids over there who never hear from anyone.

Whether you agree with the reason why they are where they are or not, they are still our fellow countrymen/women and deserve to receive some kindess. Imagine yourself or your kids in their shoes. I certainly wouldn't want to be!!!

So, if your Katrina'd out and need a little diversion, send a letter to our troops. You can choose either a single soldier
or a whole platoon to support.

Here are some great links.
Any Soldier dot com
This site lists names of active soldiers who are in contact with the site administrator.
By clicking on a soldier's name, you will get info about where they're from, where they're
stationed and items that the soldiers wish to receive. It's an active website, so you will
know the items will get to the people you've chosen.

Forgotten Soldiers dot org
This site allows you to write letters electronically, which they will include in a care package
sent to the troops. Hell, you don't even have to buy a stamp!!!

America Supports You dot mil.
Here's another site where you can sent letters/notes of support online.

Another way to support our troops is to contribute to the USO.  You can simply go to their website and make a donation.  In addition to sponsoring celebrity visits to the troops in the field, they have welcome centers at the Baltimore and Atlanta airports, which are the two airports our troops pass through when returning to the US from the Middle East.  They also give the troops free calling cards so they can call home.
The USO has been support our troops since WWII.  It is not a US federal agency and relies very much on volunteer contributions.

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