Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Katrina Rememberence

Katrina: Nine Lives

Listen on Tuesday night, August 29th - at 7:30 for "Katrina: Nine Lives" - the story of Katrina as experienced by New Orleanians Germaine Bazzle, Jacqueline Bishop, Ellis Marsalis, Steve Masakowski, Susan Roesgen, Chris Rose, Bob Rue, Hank Staples and Ronnie Virgets. Hosted and produced by Fred Kasten, "Katrina: Nine Lives" will also include commentary and analysis from John Barry, Bill Borah, Jed Horne, Ray Nagin, Tom Piazza and Michael Sartisky.

That's radio station WWNO, 89.9 FM


Anonymous said...

Listen to what? Radio station? Which one?

judyb said...

So sorry!!! It's WWNO, 89.9

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy.

Thanks for getting the word out. If your friends missed it, it will be on the website as part of the "Audio Archive" before too long.

Kind regards,