Thursday, August 24, 2006

Opinions are like....

Seeing many different opinions on the Spike Lee documentary on Katrina.

As I said in a previous post, if you don't like how Spike portrayed the tragedy,
make your own movie, show us YOUR experiences.

Again, I think the color of the skin of the people interviewed was well balanced. not that it really matters to me. And IMHO it shouldn't matter to anyone. But a lot of people are bitchin about it.

There's this one from Oyster that refutes the above complaint about the movie being "pro black".

And this one written by someone who didn't like the movie at all. But he's just a young yuppie anyway. :)

I like Suspect Device's answer to aforementioned young yuppie.

Wet Bank Guide's Mark discusses his feelings on all of this and a very good discussion follows.

Schroeder got a great dialog going when he talked about his feelings about the documentary.

And I don't know where these people are from , but they don't like us....that's just a feeling I get. :)

I don't think it really matters what people think about When the Levees Broke. I'm glad it was made.

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