Tuesday, August 01, 2006

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New Orleans crime rate is unbelievable high. Six murders in one night over the weekend. What's the cause? What's the solution?
Where's the mayor of New Orleans? Where is the city's leadership?
What can be done to fix the judicial system in the city? The subject of the broken system has been discussed here




and here

I could go on and on about the horrific judicial system here. I also want to address the fact that Ray Ray wants to sponsor midnight basketball for the kids that have "nothing to do" to keep them out of trouble.

wait...isn't there a CURFEW in the city? So, the kids play basketball till dawn and then go out and commit crimes?

Who the hell is minding the store?

In other bad news, tropical storm Chris was born today...
gonna keep an eye on him.

There are thousands of good, honest people in New Orleans trying to bring their lives back together, through the heat, the crime, the lack of businesses open, the difficulties in dealing with city hall, looters,thieves, half assed contractors and crazies. And they still want to stay!!! .These people are the true pioneers of New Orleans. I know it sounds corny, but could you go thru some of their experiences and still want to stay?

And it's not just the city. I work with several folks who lived in St. Bernard Parish, Lakeview, Pascagoula, Mississippi who are rebuilding. Their love of home outweighs the pain of all they've been through.

Some day in the future we'll be able to make sense of how all of the bad things the Katrina did turned out to be good. Someday.

Experience is determined by yourself -- not the circumstances of your life.

Gita Bellin

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Anita said...

And as if the tropical storm alone wouldn't fill my heart with enough dread -- it just so happens that my ex-husband's name is Chris.