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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Mad As Hell

Like some people I listened/watched the Kavanaugh Investigation today.   When I first turned on the radio I was assaulted by Grassley's opening statement: full of so much bullshit I was glad I was in the bathroom.  And talk about a grumpy old coot.  I bet his wife - if he has one - doesn't want him to retire.  There needs to be an age limit to these politicians, y'all.

Christine Blasey Ford - in my opinion, as well as a great number of others - was a a credible witness.  She was real, nothing fake about her testimony. She was terrified and confused during some points of the hearing, but she got thru it and it wasn't because of the cold-hearted, full-of-hate, trump and russia loving GOP.  Those men just ooze good ole boy network.

Then came the entitled all american frat boy.  Brett "wah wah" Kavanaugh  who - to my memory - didn't answer a single question.  He lacked respect for anyone who was questioning him.  He cried thru his opening statement.  Pretty ugly thing to witness from a pretty ugly person.  He was so disingenuous, so full of himself, so not nice.

 I only enjoyed this part of his testimony

After Ms. Ford's testimony, the Grumpy Old Paunchbellies decided to do away with the woman who was originally going to speak for the Republicans (Rachel Mitchell) and they each took a turn to gush over cry-baby-frat-boy.  At one point Lindsey Graham completely lost it.  I was hoping he would stroke out:

I finally turned it off, I couldn't take it any more when I saw that Louisiana's John "granny" Kennedy was going to gush to the rapist.  Couldn't take anymore.  

I'm pissed, knowing that frat-boy-cry-baby-rapist is going to be confirmed tomorrow unless something totally unexpected happens.  I've been waiting for something totally  unexpected to happen since November of 2016, so I'm not  feeling good about it.  

Misery loves company, so I am sharing Trae Crowder's take on this travesty:

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