Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Julie Newmar

From Julie Newmar's Facebook page.

We know what Mr Obama looks like. This picture shows,
in the face of the child, what he feels like to most of us.
We were secure, trusted, valued by him. We saw him use
his titanic intelligence for our common good. I'll miss him.
I loved the way he bounded up the stairs . . . or down.
He went to the gym every morning.
I loved his simplicity of dress, manner and style. He stayed up nights, deliberating the details of our complicated democracy.
I loved his language . . . clear, without guile, neither biggety nor vainglorious. He was always - on point, authentic.
Like Truman, he came to the White House with consummate Kansan middle class virtues plus an accident of destiny via the dreams of his Kenyan father.
We did markedly well under his leadership.
America was admired anew.
I want to look at the future, but I'm sad.
I feel as if I have lost a beloved parent.

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