Wednesday, November 23, 2016

James Oakley - Burnet County Texas

A Texas judge has found himself in hot water after making an appallingly racist comment about the arrest of a black man. Otis Tyrone McKane was arrested as a suspect in the murder of a San Antonio police officer, and Burnet County Judge James Oakley, a man entrusted with the enforcement of the rule of law and the rights of American citizens to a fair trial, was so incensed that made it clear that the laws only protect white citizens.

James Oakley apologized in a statement, noting that his suggestion to lynch McKane was "harsh." The Facebook comment has since been deleted. Oakley admitted it was "off the cuff" and "curt." He denied that it had anything to do with McKane's race. "To be clear, I advocate due process. I also support the death penalty in cases where the ultimate crime has been committed and there is clear and complete evidence and where all steps of the judicial process have been respected," Oakley wrote. "I would also point out that I am an administrative judge, and do not preside over criminal court." You're still a RACIST BASTARD, OAKLEY

Story taken from Occupy Democrats and the Daily Beast

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