Monday, October 31, 2016

November 1st - Special Down Here

November first is considered "All Saints Day" here in Southeast Louisiana.

Due to the influence of the the Creole and Catholics, I have found some beautiful traditions take place on November first.

One is the "Blessing of The Graves"

For a history of this tradition, visit this website

Here are two links to the Blessing of the Graves in the area surrounding my home:

 Here is a link that discusses the beauty  and tradition of All Saints Day in the small community of Lacombe, just north of the lake from New Orleans

A link from an old post here about the beautiful "lighting of the graves" in this portion of St. Tammany Parish

Additionally, November 1, 2016 marks the 50TH Anniversary of the birth of the NEW ORLEANS SAINTS!!!

Big thing down here in Who Dat Land!!!!

In celebration of the big five-oh birthday of the Saints, the website , a website dedicated to the celebration of 50 seasons of Saints football has been created.