Thursday, October 20, 2016

Debunking SOME Trump Lies

Put together by Allen Clifton of"> Forward Progressives dot com

1. She slept through the Benghazi attack: Being that it was mid-afternoon on the east coast where Hillary Clinton was that day when the Benghazi attack took place, this whole “she slept through Benghazi” line he often uses is based entirely on fiction. Oh, and according to multiple investigations — including several led by Republicans — what happened in Benghazi was likely unavoidable and it wasn’t Clinton’s fault. And if you don’t believe that, then just ask the family of the late-Ambassador Chris Stevens what they think. 

2. She viciously attacked the women accusing her husband of sexual misconduct: Actually, no, after an extensive investigation into this repeated attack used by Trump, there’s no evidence aside from hearsay where Clinton went after any of these women. In fact, the most “damning” evidence they found was that Clinton did hire a private investigator to look into Gennifer Flowers, but never directly made any public attacks against her. And that’s about it. 

 3. She’s for open borders: The immigration bill Clinton supported in 2013 would have invested billions more in border security. Now I know Trump and his supporters aren’t great with basic vocabulary, but spending billions to secure is almost the complete opposite of “open borders.” 

4. She’s going to repeal the Second Amendment: No, she’s not — and neither is any other president because it’s impossible for any single person to repeal a Constitutional Amendment. This is the same fear-mongering Republicans have been using against President Obama since before he even took his Oath of Office. It’s astonishing that no matter how many times Republicans blow this dog whistle, conservative voters will sheepishly react to it like fools. The only thing Clinton supports is sensible gun regulations that are supported by the vast majority of Americans such as expanded background checks, denying people on the no-fly list the ability to buy a gun, limits on magazine size and bans on certain military-style assault weapons. Nothing that comes anywhere close to “repealing the Second Amendment.”

5. She should be in prison: First, FBI Director James Comey is a Republican who got his first big break in a government role during George W. Bush’s administration. Second, after an investigation that lasted over a year, Comey defended his decision to not recommend charges against Clinton. While he did harshly criticize her handling of her emails, he found no criminal wrong-doing and said since the handful of classified emails they did find on her server weren’t properly marked, it was reasonable for her to have not known that they were, in fact, classified. The bottom line is, FBI Director James Comey (a Republican) conducted an investigation that lasted over a year and found no criminal wrongdoing by Clinton or her staff. Besides, even had she been charged with mishandling classified material, there’s almost zero chance that she would have been sent to prison unless they concluded that she actually committed treason. And if you believe that she did, then you’re legitimately insane. 

6. She laughed at a 12-year-old who was raped: Early in Clinton’s career she was ordered by a judge to defend a rapist (she tried getting out of the case but the judge wouldn’t let her), but she certainly didn’t laugh at the victim. Ultimately the victim’s mother pushed for a plea deal, Clinton accepted at 5 years, but the judge reduced it to one. The laughing Trump points to was from an interview that happened years later when Clinton joked that because the guy had passed a polygraph (even though he ultimately turned out to be guilty), it made her question her faith in that test being reliable.

 7. Her campaign started the birther conspiracies: Not only was this started in 2004 by a Republican in Illinois, but there’s not a single shred of evidence anywhere outside of right-wing conspiracy blogs to link Clinton’s 2008 campaign to spreading birther lies against the president. But no matter how many times this lie is debunked, Trump just keeps on repeating it. 

8. She’s going to raises taxes on everybody: Actually, according to experts, there’s nothing at all in Clinton’s tax proposals that would raise taxes on the poor or middle class, instead only targeting the wealthiest Americans. 

9. Hillary Clinton is responsible for creating ISIS: Nope, ISIS actually first came onto the scene in 2004 and only rose to the level of strength they’re at today after President Obama enforced the Status of Forces Agreement signed by George W. Bush. 

10. She rigged the Democratic primary against Bernie Sanders: Nope, she didn’t do that either. The indisputable statistical facts prove that Sanders lost because she did better with minority voters, in particular African Americans. While that’s not all of them, those are many of the most commonly used attacks Trump parrots against Clinton that aren’t remotely factual.

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