Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Facts on Louisiana Flooding

This is NOT written by me, but by a lady from New Orleans on her Facebook account.

I'm getting somewhat pissed at my friends and their ignorance. Some basic facts about the current flooding in LA are in order.
First, this is not Katrina 2. It's not about levies. It's not about New Orleans. We are not flooded. It's not about canals or spillways or bad maintenance of wetlands. It's not about the Plaquemines. The areas flooding now last flooded in 1983, not in 2005 or 2011. This is not a repeating problem based on poor maintenance of infrastructure. And, BTW, did you know that levies are a FEDERAL responsibility, not a state or local one?
Second, the areas flooded are NOT "below sea level". They are in many cases not even flood zones and they were not required to have flood insurance. The entire state is NOT a swamp. They had two feet of rain in 48 hours. How would YOUR town handle that? Did you blame the people in central SC when there was a flood there for similar reasons awhile back?
Third, there are places all over the US that have repeated disasters. There's tornado alley, there's mudslides in California, there's wild fires out west. Do you talk about how people should not live in Oklahoma or Phoenix?
Fourth, when you are talking on the internet do you realize that people who are currently homeless, worried about their aged parents, their pets, their homes, their jobs could be reading what you post? And you are just saying screw them, don't rebuild, as if that were your decision in any way shape or form?
Fifth, read up on what Louisiana contributes to the US economy. New Orleans Port is easily in the top 5 in the US any way you want to measure it - volume, dollars, etc. There are federal installations here for the navy, for agriculture, for nasa, for oceanic studies, etc. There's oil rigs and oil refineries and pipe lines that effect what you pay at the pump. There's fishing and shrimping that puts food on your table. There's no way to overestimate the importance of being a gateway between the Mississippi, Lake Pontchartrain and the Gulf of Mexico. There pretty much has to be a port somewhere in this area for the sake of Chicago and other points north. It's not just about gambling, beads and titties down here. Writing off half a state because it bothers you to see disaster stuff on TV is ignorant and hateful. Just stop it.
Sixth, what is happening right now with the floods is about unprecedented weather. In case you have not been paying attention, that's happening all over. It's called climate change. Sandy was a hurricane in New York and New Jersey that was at the beginning of winter - very unusual. There were floods in Colorado last year. It flooded in France this Spring. It's been hotter in Rochester than in New Orleans several times this year. The whole Atlantic coast is receding. Be careful how you talk about someone else's home when you have no clue that yours might be endangered.


Eddie Francis said...

Thank you for posting this. I'm from New Orleans but live in Dallas. I've read some comments from the incredibly uninformed American public about the flooding, and it is nothing short of amazing how ignorant people are. I can now move past my frustration and give thoughtful responses to their "concerns" about Louisiana.

Beverly Hill said...

I shared this on G+ and Twitter. I'm glad someone said it. I've been very irritated at some of the ignorant posts that I've read about the recent flooding, not the least of which was "why don't they move?" Low income families don't have the luxury of just picking up and moving. Should everyone in California move because of the Earthquakes, Mudslides and Wildfires? Everyone on the Gulf Coast and East Coast move due to threat of hurricanes? Almost any area can be the victim of a natural disaster, especially an area where a tropical depression parks itself and pumps out rain for days on end.