Tuesday, November 17, 2015


One Muslim TV host's segment on ISIS is going viral for exposing the Islamic State's deadliest weapon: Haterade. That's right—Waleed Aly, host of the Australian talk show The Project, demonstrated that the key to ISIS's success is haters sippin' on that nasty-ass haterade. After watching it, you'll put down the bottle for life.

In a segment from the show's first episode since the attacks, he starts off by discussing how ISIS appears much stronger than it actually is by "[taking] credit for any act of terrorism on Western soil," whether or not they were actually ordered by the organization. This is something ISIS has admitted to in its monthly magazine, Dabi, which actually encouraged supporters to take credit for DIY terrorist attacks so they don't appear to be "random killings."

The Project's clip is rapidly going viral on Facebook, with more than 210,000 likes and more than 260,000 shares. That's great news, because every person who sees the video makes ISIS's tactic less effective.

Aly discusses how ISIS, like a weird doomsday cult, wants to split the world into two camps—those who have "faith" and those who are in "disbelief"—in preparation for a "great war." They want Westerners to act hostile towards Muslims, and in turn, have those Muslims turn to ISIS in retaliation. Aly notes that it's a crazy, outlandish idea, but drives home the point that within this framework, being Islamophobic is actually a way of helping ISIS achieve their goal, however ridiculous that goal is.
So next time you wanna take a big gulp of that haterade, remember, you're taking a gulp for ISIS.
Sources: The Project/Facebook

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