Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday Morning Smile

Oakley the little abandoned Great Horned Owl doing the monster mash. From Raptor Rehabber

No baby owls were hurt or abused in this video. From Raptor Rehabber: this was an orphaned GHO THAT HAD JUST BEEN FEED, AND IF YOU NOTICE HE NEVER WAS LOOKING DIRECTLY AT me because I was under a camouflaged sheet with holes in them. I finally got another two babies around his age that I was able to put him with. This was a one time deal I did a few years ago. I leave puppets in with them, so they have something to cuddle with. I was able to release this Owl several months later after conditioning it and teaching it to catch live prey. It was quite mean and didn't like humans when we released it. So thank you for input.

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