Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Photo: Paolo Pellegrin, for The New York Times

I wanted to share this photo because it touched my heart. Each face portraying what the Syrian refugees are struggling with.

These people have been through so much in the past four years.

I'm amazed at their bravery, living through the horrific humanitarian disaster that has been simmering since 2011, involving an influx of "sectarians"(ie terrorists), that evil Assad, a man with no soul and a world that basically turned the other way.

The father in this picture makes me wonder about his life. How it became altered by the craziness in Syria, crazy enough to grab his two small children and run for their lives. Where is their mother? Are there other children? The baby in his arms must be hungry, scared, sick. I just want to comfort him. And the little girl with the heart on her shirt. What stories will she tell in the future.

Please send up good thoughts and prayers for these three and ALL of the people who are refugees. Imagine yourselves in their place.

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