Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Katrina - A Decade Later

Nine years ago I created a website that shared our experiences related to the impact of Hurricane Katrina.

I started this site because all I was seeing on the news was what happened to New Orleans. While New Orleans experienced horrific damage and flooding, my little corner north of the city was virtually ignored by the mainstream media, as well as the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, which took a direct hit from the storm.

In the link above - my labor of love - I have collected pictures, videos and first person experiences from the storm.

We stayed for the storm ten years ago. With the help of alcohol. Damn, the results where something we could NEVER imagine.

The song ""It's The End of the World As We Know it" echoed in my head for two weeks.

The memories may fade. That's why I created my Katrina webpage:

If you have some time, please go thru it, it's full of links and pictures and videos, as well as links to NOLA bloggers telling their own stories.

Thanks for visiting.

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