Friday, June 19, 2015


People REALLY come out of the holes when something as horrific as Charleston happens. Their true colors are shown. Headline/links examples:

Another Bush - Jeb (presidential 'hopeful') Doesnt think the killer was motivated by racism.

The governor who won't just go away - Jindal - Says President Obama's comments on the Charlston massacre "shameful" on Faux News

Why South Carolina should remove the Confederate Flag from the Capitol.

Faux news people wonder if the shooting was a "War on Christians"

Another hopeless presidential hopeful - Rick Santorum - claims the killings a part of a broader assault on "religious liberty" in America.

And yet another link to the idiots at Faux News Fox & Friends advocated for more guns, arguing people could’ve defended themselves if they were armed.

“Had somebody in that church had a gun, they probably would have been able to stop him,” host Steve Doocy remarked. “If somebody was there, they would have had the opportunity to pull out their weapon and take him out.”

J. Todd Rutherford, the minority leader of the South Carolina House of Representatives, appeared on CNN with Jake Tapper to say that the shooter was a Fox News fan and that is why he went on a murder spree.


Eddie Francis said...

I've read a few of your blogs and I appreciate your points of view. This one, however, really got an "amen" out of me. The lengths to which these people are trivializing and politicizing these murders has me absolutely speechless. Do I really want to have to go Bible study packin' heat??? In what universe would civilized people want to do that??? This is maddening. Thanks, again, for your POV.

judy thorne said...

Thanks for the comment and reading the blog, Eddie. I agree with you! Bless you.