Tuesday, March 24, 2015

More Wacko Politicians

Arkansas Senator Tom Cottonheld a town hall meeting in his district in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The meeting was organized primarily to discuss the Affordable Care Act, most specifically the mishaps with the websites governing the health insurance exchanges.

At one point, a constituent submitted a question mentioning that her insurance plan had been cancelled and she refuses to utilize the exchanges that Obama, who she calls a liar, set up.

Rather than telling her that she has an obligation for her own health to seek insurance, Cotton goaded her on, telling her that he himself wouldn’t use the exchange website because “Russian mobsters” may steal his identity.


Ted Cruz:


Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (via Daily Kos)

As Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed the so-called "right to work" bill on March 9, making Wisconsin the twenty-fifth right-to-work state in the country, labor advocates braced themselves for the stream of anti-worker bills that were almost certain to follow. Many assumed the first target would be Wisconsin's 1930s prevailing wage laws, which require that workers on public works projects be paid the established going rate for their labor, rather than allowing contractors to try to outbid each other by lowering workers' wages. Few, however, expected the legislative cluster bomb that is currently being referred to committee by a pair of Republicans: a bill to repeal the weekend.

A similar version of this bill was introduced last year at the urging of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, the state's largest business organization. But the legislature was not able to vote on it before the end of the session. However, Representative Born's office was "optimistic" of the bill's chances in this session.


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