Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Reporter Inhales Burning Drugs


Quentin Sommerville, the BBC’s Middle East Correspondent, brings us reports from some of the most dangerous regions of the world. But even he can fall victim to eight-and-a-half tonnes of burning drugs.

The Middle East reporter shared the video, which was shot four years ago, with his followers on Twitter saying, "it's been a year of bullets & bloodshed. You've earned a xmas laugh, at my expense," according to The Telegraph. That tweet has since been removed, but people can still view the video on YouTube.

"The video of Quentin corpsing, which has now been deleted, was posted in the spirit of a blooper," the BBC told The Telegraph. "It was filmed four years ago - it hasn't been seen before and was never broadcast."

"Corpsing" is a British slang for breaking into laughter.

Sommerville did respond to a comment about the video on Twitter.

"What was a more challenging story Quentin? Dodging bullets in Baiji, or trying to film here w/o laughter?" @DanDePetris asked.

"Everyday brings new challenges in this job," Sommerville tweeted

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