Monday, November 17, 2014

Want to see a Douchebag? Mea Culpa

His name is Tony Williams and he's a "long time" Saints fan.
He never relinquished the ball that was thrown to a Bengals Fan.

Here is her account:

From wwltv: Dennis Lomonaco, executive director of Saints punter Thomas Morstead's foundation, What You Give Will Grow, happened to be sitting in the area and witnessed the confrontation. "I think it was a little nuts, which is why I went up there to reach out to her and (offer) her a ball (signed by Morstead)," Lomonaco said. "It's pretty sad that was the highlight of the game." Barrett said she'd "be thrilled and honored to receive the ball," though she'd prefer it go to a more charitable endeavor. "I think it's perfect that she wants us to give the ball to charity because that ties into exactly what our foundation is all about, which is paying it forward and making sure you take care of people," Lomonaco said. "It's built in our namesake, What You Give Will Grow." Lomonaco said the foundation now plans to donate a ball in Barrett's honor to a child at Children's Hospital. Okay, after seeing this video < ahref = "this, I don't I can't support his actions, but I really can't call him a Douchebag. And they make up

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