Tuesday, October 21, 2014

PIGS from Tennessee

As a child of the 60/70's I remember the term "pigs" referred to police.

In today's world, the term is only used to the animals who choose to shoot to death young black men.

Today, the term "pigs" is used by me to describe humans who abuse a wonderful, sweet breed of dogs. Pit Bulls.

Pitties are sweet, easy going and funny looking dogs. They are lovers.

This story is about pigs from Tennessee:

These pigs include

Mark Heatherly (Daddy pig, a man who enjoys teaching dogs horrific habits)

Jacob Heatherly, (nice biblical name, dad) I'm sure that Jacob treats his women like his dogs. Super pig.

Then there is a woman, Kimberly Heatherly. I guess I assume that women don't get into this disgusting abuse of animals, but maybe Kimberly wanted to be part of this thing that K
DaD and brother were into.

From a local website:

Fifty dogs have been rescued from a suspected dog fighting operation in Sevier County Sheriff's Office
Sevier County.

The fifty dogs that were seized range in age from 4 weeks to mid-teens. Some of them have scars that are consistent with dog fighting. The sheriff's department described them as American Pit Bulls.

"These 50 dos are the lucky ones who no longer face life at the end of a heavy chain or worse- a bloody pit," said Chris Schindler of HSUS. We are thankful to the Sevier County authorities for their efforts in this investigation and in forcing dog fighting out of their community."

"Dog fighting is a despicable crime that will not be tolerated in Sevier County," said Sheriff Ron Seals. "We are grateful for the assistance and expertise of the Humane Society of the United States on this case, and glad to see these dogs off to better lives."

The HSUS sent their mobile crime lab to Sevier County to help gather and document evidence in the case. The dogs were seized and taken to a temporary shelter where they will be given medical care and evaluated to see if they are eligible for future adoption.

It is my hope that morons like the ones above will somehow just fade away, or be eaten by the dogs they trained to fight.


Susan Lewis said...

Yes, me too.

Anonymous said...

I honestly to God pray they spend the rest of their life in prison. Be glad it was the police who got their hands on you first before those of us who love all animals. I find all of you to be the lowest dirt and a disgraced to Tennessee and man kind. I wonder what went so wrong in your life that you want to hurt poor animals. You must really have low self esteem and if only wish the law would allow dog lovers to do to you what you do to those dogs. Good luck from here on out looking over your shoulder for I know some will want to make sure your life is miserable.